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Thank you for buying this product. Pulsar Uninterruptible Power Supply combines proprietary electronics with features and performance not found in other brands.

What is UPS?

An Uninterruptible Power (UPS) is a power system that provides protection against primary AC power failure and variation in power-line frequency and voltage. The system consists of a storages battery, battery charger, solid state inverter and electronic switching circuits. Two kinds of uninterruptible power supplies are available. They are the on-line type and the standby, or the off-line type. The Pulsar UPS is an off-line type that comes on-line when the main utility power fails.  


Audible and visual battery low alarm 
Low Battery shutdown circuit 
AC Line over voltage detection circuit 
Battery circuit disconnected alarm 
No overcharging of battery 
Dual stage low battery alarm 
One switch for easy operation 
Automatic trickle charge when battery reaches full charge 
Five status indicator lamps 
Requires little maintenance plus rugged operation.

APPLICATIONS ( Pulsar UPS’s can be used on following equipments: )

Personal Computer System 
Computer Peripherals & Printers 
Fax Machines 
Electronic Cash Register 
Color or Black & White TV Receivers 
Video Cassette Recorder 
Video Disc Player / Digital Versatile Disc 
Compact Disc Player 
Digital Audio Tape Recorder 
Mini/Audio Component Stereo System 
Close Circuit TV 
Alarm & Security Systems 
VHF/UHF Transceiver Equipment 
Portable Cassette & Disc Player 
Incandescent Bulbs 
Fluorescent Lighting System 
Karaoke Sing Along System 
Video Game machines 
Intercom System 
Telephone System PABX/System 
Industrial Control Systems 
Monitoring Equipment

WARNING (Do not Connect the Following to the UPS:)

Air Conditioner 
Washing Machine 
Electric Motor 
Vacuum Cleaner 
Any load that has an AC motor inside 
Big Laser Printers  Big Electric Fan

To prevent fire or shock hazard, do not expose the unit to rain, moisture or flood. 
If an external lead-acid battery is used, do not place it in an enclosed cabinet or block its
   ventilation caps during normal operation. 
To prevent electric shock, do not open the casing of the unit. The presence of uninsulated
   "high voltage" points within the units enclosure is highly dangerous to life.


Operate the set only on 220V AC 60Hz power. 
Do not overload the unit by connecting electrical appliances whose power consumption 
   exceeds the maximum output power rating of the UPS. 
Do not make any connections aside from what is mentioned in this manual. 
If lead-acid battery is used, keep it in an upright position at all times. Corrosive acid
   electrolyte might spill out. 
Wear protective gloves when refilling lead-acid batteries. The electrolyte might come into
   contact with your hand. 
Do not operate UPS where explosive gases might be present. Check for LPG tanks or
   welding gas tanks which might be around.


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