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Welcome to the Official Website of CBX Corporation !!!

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How can a Computer Help Me...

Time was, not so long ago, that all computers were giant, forbidding machines that sent you annoying bills, ran huge corporations, and cost millions of dollars.

Time change. Today, for $2000 you can buy a personal computer that will help you run a business at home, educate your children, organize your personal affairs, and even let you relax and play a game or two.

Your earlier impressions about giant computers may sometimes have seemed to cut you off from the humans behind them. The baffling language used by computer experts (and sales-persons) may have made you shy away from considering a computer as a home helper.

This booklet answers your question, "Do I have to be a computer genius to buy and use one?" with a resounding "No!.: Your only question, as you set out to read it, needs to be, "How can a computer help me?"

Using this e-book

To help you (1) decide how much help a home computer can be to you, and (2) choose the computer and accessories that best meet your needs, this e-book is full of check-off lists and questions. As you go through it, check off and underline those that will help as you shop. Your computer dealer can use the results to recommend a system for you.

You will find technical terms and computer industry jargon in this e-book. These words are defined in the Glossary.

When you finish reading you will know generally what types of hardware and software are right for you. But there are a lot of brands available today, so you'll still have to look carefully. As you would when buying a stereo or a car, spend time with your dealer, ask questions, and get free demonstrations.

In addition to this e-book and your computer dealer, there are many other sources of information. Try some of these:

Visit a user's group (a computer information-sharing club of people who own the brand and model computer.)
   Computer retailers have lists of them . 
Read newspaper columns, books and magazines devoted to personal computers. Libraries, newsstands and
   bookstores are good sources. 
Take a course offered by a computer retailer or a local school 
Attend a computer show. Check computer retailers or newspaper for date, place and time. 
Ask at the school your child attends. 
Check with your friends or business associates who use computers. 
Write to computer manufacturers for information. 
Read directions and reviews of software and look over software publisher's catalogs available from your
   computer dealer.


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